Aging In Place

As the Baby Boom generation gets up in years, so is the growing interest in the concept of “Aging In Place.” What is Aging in Place? It’s subscribes to the philosophy that just because we face disabilities as we get older does not mean that we need to abandon our beloved home. After all, this is the place where we’ve experienced fond memories and that we enjoy so many emotional and physical comforts.

There are many different aspects involved with the concept of Aging In Place, but one of the chief areas of focus involves home construction or remodels. There are many strategies aimed at providing adjustments to your house which will allow you or those you love to continue living in your home environment without losing accustomed functionality and independence.

For those who require a walker or wheelchair to get around, we’re able to build elevators or stair lifts to help them get to the second floor or through elevation shifts in the home.

In the bathroom, we’re able to assist with ease of toileting and showering by making adjustments such as adding grip bars and ramps. We’ll also be able to plan for proper width of hallways so there is plenty of space for your wheelchair and walking devices.

Throughout the entire planning process, we’ll also give you the feedback you need to determine how these changes will impact resale value so you can make the most informed decisions possible.

With good design and quality construction you can extend the livability of your home. With these properly executed Aging In Place strategies you can continue to be happy, comfortable and independent in your home for many years to come.