Custom Homes

How do you keep your dream house from becoming a nightmare? Well it all begins with carefully choosing the right general contractor to the lead the job.

At Tim Milton Construction, we know it requires a high level of vision, experience, craftsmanship and integrity to properly build a custom home. By taking the time to learn more about us, you’ll discover we have a unique blending of each of these key qualities.

With strong vision, we’re able to capture the essence of your dream home. From the earliest drawings to that exciting time when you first walk through your finished home, we’ll manage the process to make sure your vision remains intact.

Experience is such a critical factor in completing your home with excellence and efficiency. After building more than 30 homes in Northern Nevada, we know the critical regional secrets to constructing with the right materials and in the right way to ensure your home is built to last.

Unfortunately in this time of competitive bidding, craftsmanship is constantly being sacrificed. With Tim Milton Construction, we are old school in our commitment to making sure no shortcuts are taken. You can trust us to handle the important details of the job.

Most of all, integrity is the quintessential ingredient in a well-built custom home. Just ask anyone who has already gone through the process. While so many others will do anything to win a job, we’ll do anything to make sure your job is a winner.