Green Development

Although “green building design” is a buzz word of late, it’s something we at Tim Milton Construction have been designing into homes for many years. Why? In many cases, it just makes good sense.

With proper design and implementation, you can use windows, solar tubes and sky lights to help reduce the need for heating and lighting in your home or office. Not only can you experience energy savings, but in many ways this approach provides a much softer, more elegant lighting environment in your rooms.

These days, there are more and more incentives to “go green” and there are many exciting new products and materials that are being developed to assist in this area.

Our expertise in green building as well as our relationships with respected specialists in the field will ensure you have the best advice and input on your decisions.

The reality is that “green building” can add a fair amount to your costs and it may take years to recoup your upfront expenses. What you can rely on from us is straightforward feedback about all of the “pros” and “cons” as you make your plans.

One thing is for sure, if you have a passion for “green,” we make sure it’s integrated into each phase of your project.