Our goal is to bring integrity and add value to every opportunity. We are building relationships while we help our customers build their dreams.

To accomplish this, we know how important it is to assist you from the earliest stages of your plans. We’ll work closely with your architects or engineers and provide them with the input they need to make sure their ideas fit your budget. Our skill at cost efficiency will have a huge impact on the finished quality and final price.

Since early on in our company’s history, Tim Milton Construction has been involved in all aspects of the design process. You’ll enjoy our ability to take your raw ideas and turn them into finished plans.

Although we are well known for the beauty and craftsmanship of our work, we’re especially focused on functionality. We’ll ask all of the tough questions at the beginning of the process to make sure there aren’t unpleasant surprises towards the end.

After working on more than 30 residential homes and dozens of commercial buildings, we know how important proper planning is to a successful job. By including us at the earliest stages of your project, you can be confident that your ideas will integrate smoothly throughout the entire construction phase.

To learn more about our design/build services, contact us today.