Brown Residence

John and Leslie Brown were overflowing with brilliant ideas and exquisite design sensibility. They relied on us to convert their ideas into an inspired home and the results were stunning. Employing detailed craftsmanship, the collaboration between the Browns and our team transformed a standard Arrowcreek home into a magazine-worthy custom residence. We worked alongside many talented artisans, but none had a greater impact on this project than Paul Holland, an Englishman with a background in remodeling castles. His creativity with the elements of wood, stone, metal and glass are featured throughout this project.


Winding Staircase

This project was a custom remodel, and many beautiful elements were already in place, including this mesmerizing winding staircase. Our role was to reinvent this prominent feature with a comprehensive refreshing of the wood. This included the addition of faux paint accents and a careful application of lacquers.

The Dome

Oh the dome! The magnificent dome. Imported Philippine mahogany was used in the crafting of this magnificent ceiling accent. Fluorescent and natural lighting providing tasteful highlights to the masterpiece.


The original cabinetry was preserved, while additions of Sub Zero appliances provided modernity and enhanced functionality. A recessed ceiling soffit was put in place with canned and pennant lighting. The granite countertop has unique color rope edging and the nook area features mahogany overlays.

Wine Room

A sunburst ceiling layout of the wine room offers contrasts in mahogany and white pine. Dry stack ledge stone was used to provide tasteful contract to the primarily wood accents. Temperature in the room is controlled by whole-room refrigeration. There is a separate refrigerator for white wine and back lit wine racks feature rope LED lighting that provides illumination, without heat.


A panel insert in the sheet rock recess, provides for a renewed sense of character in the room. Alder wood, stained to match the existing cabinetry is used for the custom fireplace mantlepiece. Slate tile surrounds the entertainment center with specialized trim to tie together the fireplace and mini-bar designs.

Living Room

The fireplace mantle features engraved corbels and LED lighting is used to showcase the artistry of the design. Braided beads trim the light columns and custom bent teak provides for a stunning feature. The tasteful blending of granite and faux gold elements makes this room an art piece in and of itself.

Guest Bedroom

With firehouse red bricks from Chicago lining the wall, and classic furniture throughout, this guest room provides a warmth for family and friends.

Additional Work

From the faux paintings on the walls, to the rock sculpture water elements in the backyard, no detail in this remodel was overlooked.