Reno Orthopedic Clinic

When the doctors at Reno Orthopedic Clinic needed a contractor to remodel their buildings, Tim Milton Construction was the company they relied upon.

Building Exterior

This project is a massive and ongoing remodel of the facility. One of the greatest challenges was to provide these significant tenant improvements with minimizing the interruption of patent and doctor activity.


Glass walls were put in place to bring elements of brightness and light to the facility. Tile floors were installed and the rooms were repainted. New electronics were installed as well as ethernet cabling throughout.

Physical Therapy Center

In this area, the flooring was redone and there was an opening up of space to allow for more patient care. A training room was built and cabinets were refinished. The ceiling was worked on and a glass wall was installed.

The Boardroom

The entire boardroom was moved from the fourth floor to its current location, which was no small task. There was a “King Arthur” design feel to the room that needed to be preserved and a pub area aimed at encouraging camaraderie  and conversation between off-duty surgeons and medical staff.


The cafeteria was completely remodeled adding additional space and a fresh new look. The goal was to create a big cafe feeling in a relatively small space.


Upgrading the diagnostic areas required specialized attention. Lead lined walls were required for the x-ray facilities. Uni-strut track systems were installed with precision to support mobile camera systems. The 100-amp requirements for this equipment always creates a challenge in an older building and necessitated an experienced hand.

The Center For Foot & Ankle

The Center for Foot & Ankle received a complete makeover giving it a fresh and comfortable look for patients. It was transformed from an eye care center to a modern orthopedic facility catering to the needs of athletes and workers.

Various Rooms